Yes! We have strived to keep everything intact and not disturb the earth for selfish purposes, done our best to preserve and uphold the virtues of the God given land and give you pure unstained nature as we found it.

In designing Silent Creek, we haven’t compromised on the little luxuries that you would want to enjoy on your vacation. A perfect blend of nature and luxury, so intricately woven that it is almost impossible for you to make out where the human interference has happened.

Tucked inside a valley, bordered by a stream, huddled by tranquil gardens that expel fresh aromas, lies Silent Creek. Breathe in the fresh unpolluted air in the dewy mornings. Devour every moment as time drifts away gently and peacefully like the creek itself!! The beautiful day gives way to a quiet, fairy tale dusk where the silence is only broken by the sounds of nature.

A Truely Refreshing Environment

home away from home

Take a flight away from the worldly chores. Be gone for a short while and come back refreshed- to begin all over again, with the memory of a sweet holiday still lingering in your heart which will provide you with a new vigour and confidence to face the world.

Experience the bliss of being in the arms of nature. Take your family back to all those simple joys that you had to give up for your city life. Untangle yourself from all the worldly ties and rejoice in yourself, in the bounty of nature.

We promise to send you back with a handful of sweet memories - memories of time and money well spent.