No holiday is complete without the right kind of food. Satisfy your taste buds with the lip smacking, unique and distinctive flavours of Malabar cuisine.


South Indian Specials or choice of yours

Malabar has its rich, diverse and distinctive cuisine to boast of - recipes handed down from generations, recipes which were influenced by the myriad cultures that Malabar has seen.

Malabar cuisine is influenced by the Arabs, the European traders and the native Brahmins. All of them contributed in their own way to the Malabar cuisine making it an exotic mix of various cuisines. By adapting the flavours, styles and culinary techniques of all different cultures the Malabari's were able to create their own cuisine which stands out for its mouth watering taste and variety.

Malabar cuisine has something to offer for all palates. There is a hoard of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes that has the unique stamp of Malabar. Some of them like the Malabari Dum Biriyani, Ghee Rice, Pathiri (made of rice flour), with a long list of curries to choose from, will keep you asking for more. Malabar has its own style/menu in snacks too. Chattipathiri( a snack made of thin layered chappathis and eggs), Unnakkaya (made from plan-tain), Pazham Nirachath (stuffed plantain), Arikkadukka (made from mussels) are just a few of the Malabari favourites.

A trip to Wayanad is incomplete without a taste of the Malabari cuisine which is so infused with the culture and tradition of the place. Silent Creek offers you a taste of Malabari cuisine in its wide variety. Top it with pleasant attentive service and you have the experience of a life time.

For those who do not wish to experiment with food on a holiday we have a choice of Chinese, North Indian, South Indian and Continental dishes too. Turn the bodily need into an indulgence. Make your holiday a wholesome experience.