Silent Creek Resort, Wayanad

Silent Creek Resort welcomes you to Vythiri, haven of natural harmony and home of peaceful style on Kerala's most delightful tropical forest, Wayanad. A boutique resort with a handful of well equipped heritage cottages set beside a natural stream and surrounded by coffee and tea plantations; off the main road and away from the loud honking that we all detest. A luxury honeymoon resort in vythiri, Wayanad

When cold excel sheets and thankless power points started driving us crazy, we decided to disappear. To do something more personal, to touch the lives of people and to be the cause of their happiness, to see the delight and excitement in their faces, to give moments of pure unadulterated joy-that was our dream.

Our quest for excellence was not over yet and we kept on advancing, trying to better ourselves. That is how Silent Creek Resort was born. Set beside a natural stream and surrounded by coffee and tea plantations is our new boutique resort- Silent Creek, yet another milestone in our journey.

As the poet says - our path diverged in the woods, we took the road less travelled and that has made all the difference.

Responsible nature lovers that we are, we render nature in the least altered fashion. It is a perfect blend of all that is God given, with a touch of modernity to give you a wonderful holiday experience.

People are different and so are their requirements. The biggest challenge for us would be to satisfy the guests with tastes as different as chalk from cheese.